Shellac Nails

If you want your nails to look simply stunning, I offer a range of Shellac nails, manicure and pedicure treatments.

If time is of the essence then I can do a Mini Manicure to file, polish and tidy up your nails.  I'll file your nails to a suitable shape and then tidy up your cuticles before applying a polish.  My Shellac and Gel Manicures are particularly popular right now.  Nails are shaped and polished with a high gloss finish which lasts for around two weeks.  Some of my clients say it lasts longer!

Shellac CND nails


Shellac Nails Removal

If you have your Shellac done by me then unlike most other salons, I'll remove it free of charge too.  A Pedicure with Gel Polish is perfect if you're going on holidays.  Shellac nails are very hard wearing and you never need to 'touch up' chips.

Holiday Nails

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shellac, it is a new nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It's half nail polish and half gel. It is applied to your own natural nails and is cured with UV light, just like Gels.  As long as you hydrate and use oils regularly and have the Shellac removed properly, you can have Shellac on your nails whenever you want.  There's no need for a break unless you want one.  Contrary to popular belief, nails do NOT breathe and don't need a break from polish.  In fact the polish keeps them looking strong.  Just remember, though, to use oil on your nails every day.

Red Nail Lacquer

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Shellac gives you high-end looking nails in super-fast time. No smudging, no chipping and no hanging around waiting for them to dry. No-brainer really!  Give me a call on 07791 069804 to arrange an appointment.

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